Superbowl XL

Superbowl (XL) Sunday 2006 was full of fun for the Filias family!

Not only did we get about 4ish inches of snow, which Ben was FINALLY able to go sledding on, but we started out the day with a trip to our favorite breakfast spot, The Honey Tree, right near our home. We got to visit some friends before the game, and then we ran into Marvin and his fiance, Shireen. They are getting married in May.

Marvin and Shireen

Michelle, Ben, and Steve!

On top of all this, the Superbowl was pretty exciting to watch because the Steelers had some very exciting plays. The 75 yard run by Willie Parker and the end around pass to Hines Ward by Randle-El.

Ben’s Sled Ride:
We had been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to finally snow enough and stick around long enough so that we could take Ben on his infant sled and put him in his snowsuit. We thought the snowsuit would be too big for him, but it seemed to be a perfect fit (with a little room for the rest of winter ’06).

Click the above photo for the rest of his sled ride photos!

Ben’s Superbowl XL duds:

Click the above photo for the rest of his Superbowl get-up photos!

The Steelers won!!! I won a few beans by betting on the Steelers. I just really wanted Bettis to come home to “The D” and win a football championship. I’m so happy for him, and for my pocketbook (well, OUR pocketbook, as Michelle gets half of my unauthorized wager). =)