Some things I’m trying out since getting the new job.

Well, since meeting Eric and Joe, I’ve been opened up to some new websites to visit for gathering information in regards to what’s new on the net. One of those sites is It’s a pretty cool website, similar to, but different in that it’s mainly news stories rather than bookmarks to everything from A to Z that users may add to their personal bookmark lists.

Another site, one that is more exciting for me, is Mininova is a site that lists torrents for download. These torrents can be anything from music, to movies, to games, to applications. I may have to quit my Giganews account and save myself 13 bux a month. Thanks a lot, friends. Oh, to get torrents, you need a bit torrent client, something like ABC (Another Bit Torrent Client).

Anywho, I’m real glad to have this new job at Wayne State. Things are going well, and the people there are amazing.