My car dealer grief today!

I need to vent. I had a burned out low-beam headlamp, so I wanted to replace the bulbs, myself, to prevent having to waste time at the dealer. After all, it should be a no-brainer to change the bulbs. Well, it wasn’t. After dismantling my front fascia (damn near), I realized that the headlight assemblies were attached with a 3rd screw (first two were simple, up top) to the inner fender-walls. I gave up and told myself I’d take it to the dealer.

Mind you, I pay extra for having a car rental so that my service appointments will be as smooth as possible, keeping me from my wasting my time as much as possible.

1) They didn’t have a rental for me; they said they’d call me when they got one later today. 2) They told me they’d charge me .3 hours (@ $85/hr.) to put in the one bulb that wasn’t burned out (aftermarket Sylvania Silverstar). 3) When the car was done, they didn’t page me. I had to ask. It had been done for at LEAST 15 minutes. 4) When I went to pay, they charged me .6 hours (.3 per bulb). 5) They corrected the charge, I paid, then proceeded to complain to the service manager. 6) He gave me his card, apologized, credited my account for the .3 hours and told me to talk to him if I was ever there again with grief.