My car dealer grief today!

I need to vent. I had a burned out low-beam headlamp, so I wanted to replace the bulbs, myself, to prevent having to waste time at the dealer. After all, it should be a no-brainer to change the bulbs. Well, it wasn’t. After dismantling my front fascia (damn near), I realized that the headlight assemblies […]


Last night was my commencements. Graduated with an MBA from Wayne State University, my employer now. =) We had an absolutely wonderful time. The ceremony was actually much smoother and quicker than I expected. Michelle came down to help celebrate with me and our classmates (she’s almost done, herself). Photos of the night

Visit to Green Bay

Well, I’ve put up some photos from our trip to Green Bay this past weekend. I want to point out how thankful we are to the Pappas family (name has been disguised to protect the innocent) for providing us with such RIDICULOUS seats for the game: Click this to see the photos! Thanks again to […]