Started the new job!

So, this is the end of my first week at Wayne State. (3 day week due to Thanksgiving). So far, so good. The people seem great, and it’s nice to be in a situation that is a bit smaller than working at a gigantic company like Ford. I had great times at Ford, and met some great people who I’ll remain in contact with.

Moving over to Wayne State, it seems that I’ve got some great staff that are some serious computer ninjas. It should be good times here. The commute is definitely shorter. It never took more than 40 minutes to get to work this whole week. It even took 25 minutes to get to work yesterday from Ben’s drop-off point. That portion used to take at least 40 minutes before (it’s all highway from that point, vs. mainly surface streets from home).

Here’s two shots of my office and my lovely urban view:

My office

My view