Always leave your emergency brake on with a manual!

The other morning, I was warming up my car so I could get coffee for Michelle and I from Starbie’s (thanks for the nickname, Sean). Well, I started the Focus up and brought our new jogging stroller inside so I could quickly put it together while the car got cozy. After assembling the B.O.B. stroller, I looked outside and noticed the Focus was in the middle of the street. At first, I thought it was funny, then I realized that the neighbor’s dad was over watching their young daughter (about a year old). I realized that for the Focus to be stopped in the middle of the street, that it must’ve hit something and bounced back, otherwise, it’d probably be up on the neighbor’s lawn.

Well, it did hit something. That something was the front driver side fender. It caused enough damage that the door wouldn’t open until he took it home and pried the sheet metal out a little bit. Al was very nice and non-confrontational. I called AAA last night and everything should be all set. They’ll cover his damages and I’ll just not make a claim on mine, since my bumper only has some small scuffage.

Lesson learned: Always leave your emergency brake on with a manual!