Bumper Sticker

I saw a bumper sticker while driving home on Eight Mile yesterday. It said:

When God Show Up
God Show Out

What does that mean? I did some research.

verb ushered, ushering
1. To conduct or escort them, eg into or out of a building, room, etc.
Thesaurus: show in, show out, lead, escort, receive.
Form: usher someone in (usually)
Form: usher someone out2. formal or literary
To be a portent of it; to herald it.
Example: technology that will usher in a new age of communication
Thesaurus: introduce, launch, precede, initiate, herald, ring in.
Form: usher something in

I’m cool with the whole religious thing, I’m religious myself. I’m not cool with the improper use of the English language. I’m quite appalled by it. Shouldn’t it at least be: “When God Shows Up, God Shows Out”? Shows is the proper conjugation of the verb show.