New “Start” Page

My friend, Bob, at work, showed me today. It’s Microsoft’s attempt at making a sleeker portal (start) page. I think they’re getting some design cues/competition from Google’s no-nonsense approach to bringing us all we need without graphics. I have to say, is pretty damn cool. Works great in Firefox, which they’ve noted is on their agenda in terms of not forgetting about their firefox users.

Here are some of the things we’re currently working on:
* Firefox support
rest assured we haven’t abandoned our firefox users and are working on the issues continuously
* OPML import/export
yes, we have this in our previous versions and we’ll be adding it to myw3b soon… we’ve just got a few loose ends to tie up with the user experience
* better default experience
* drag/drop management of the sidebar and folder creation
* import your favorites/bookmarks
* roaming
* UI fit and finish

What’s funny is that they use a lowercase “f” for firefox in their sentence about Firefox support. Kind of like when some people I know use god instead of God. =)

Anyway, check it out.


Heh, just as I clicked my own Technorati tag to see what others have said about, I find out that Google has their own personalized start page!

Check it out: Google’s start page