Demo and Cindy’s Wedding

What can I say? The wedding and reception were absolutely spectacular! Demo and Cindy did a lot of work to get their wedding to be what it was. I had my jaw dropped to the floor most of the day and night. From the ceremony, to the view of the Detroit River, to the opening waltz, and to the overall “design” of the reception hall, everything fell into place absolutely wonderfully!

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I can’t believe Demo and Cindy opened up their reception with a waltz! It looked as if they had professional classes. I was shocked when I found out they learned it one night, while watching The Sound of Music.

Later in the reception, Cindy, Noreen, and Diva did a choreographed dance that looked like something you’d see on MTV. Wow, Dino has a 3 minute 20 second video collage put together from video clips he took during the wedding and the reception.

Here it is

Dino's Album of the wedding
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I was honored to be a part of Demo and Cindy’s special day. It was truly memorable!