Here in Phoenix

I got here yesterday at about 5PM Phoenix time. Sean picked me up and we headed immediately to Bank One Park to meet up with Aaron, his brothers, his friend Joel, and some of the other guys we were going to the DBacks game with.

It was pretty damn hot outside, but the ballpark was closed and the air conditioning was pumping in pretty hard. I’ve never seen HVAC so big in my life! I think you could drive a car through some of the duct work I saw!

Anyway, I think the Diamond Backs won. We left to head out and meet up with Aaron and Co. at some pretty fancy karaoke bar. I think they had some guys that were either regulars or were paid to do their performance. They were amazing, singing and dancing, getting the crowd all pumped up!

Finished the night off with a carne asada burro…oh so good… but probably not so good at 12:30AM.

This is the first time I’m away from my family. I can’t say that I can’t believe how much I miss them, but I can say that I thought about them every few minutes last night! I wish they were here with me!