Apple is doing very well!

Taken from ArsTechnica (without asking):

Apple just released their third quarter financial year numbers and they’re looking better than ever. Driven by strong iPod sales, they reported strong growth over the previous year and quarter (I missed my guess of US$4Bn revenue by a pretty wide margin):

Apple posted a net quarterly profit of $320 million, or $.37 per diluted share, and revenue of $3.52 billion. These results compare to a net profit of $61 million, or $.08 per diluted share, and revenue of $2.01 billion in the year-ago quarter, and represent revenue growth of 75 percent and net profit growth of 425 percent. Gross margin was 29.7 percent, up from 27.8 percent in the year-ago quarter.

Apple also posted impressive gains in both Macintosh and iPod sales over last year:

Apple shipped 1,182,000 Macintosh® units and 6,155,000 iPods during the quarter, representing 35 percent growth in Macs and 616 percent growth in iPods over the year-ago quarter.

Impressive, Apple! What will be most interesting is if Macintosh sales stay strong and if the iPod juggernaut can continue to gain momentum into the Christmas season.

More good news:

* Over 80% of music downloads based on Nielsen Soundscan ratings
* 8,900 visitors per store per week vs. 5,800 same quarter last year
* Edu revenue and unit increase 16% year over year
* Higher ed 34% and 35% year over year revenue/unit
* K-12 8% for both
* Huge revenue growth for the stores all over the sale
* High margins came from unexpectedly high Tiger sales and favorable commodity prices
* $7.526 billion cash on hand
* Outlook for 4Q FY05: revenue of $3.5 billion, 50% yoy growth
* Music business sales 317% year to date
* CPU sales growing at 3 times the overall PC market, 495,000 units
* Tiger revenue $100 million
* 20% margins on iPods

Some day, I’m going to own either a PowerBook or a G5 or G6 (if it takes me that long). Being that I’m getting more and more into digital photography and possibly digital video (as Benjamin gets bigger and does more “stuff”), it could possibly make sense that I own a Mac.