Top 50 Most Shoplifted Items

I heard a bit about this on 89X this morning and thought it was interesting to find out that many of the items that are sought after by shoplifters are ingredients to crystal meth. Nasty, dirty, repulsive. But, if you’re hooked to either the drug or the money-making aspect of it, you’ll go to the limits to feed that addiction.

Here are the top 10, which I found on

1 Advil tablet 50 ct

2 Advil tablet 100 ct

3 Aleve caplet 100 ct

4 EPT Pregnancy Test single

#5 Gillette Sensor 10 ct — one of those ridiculously overpriced items out there that is also small and easy to “grip”. These deserve to get stolen!

6 Kodak 200 24 exp

7 Similac w/iron powder – case

8 Similac w/iron powder – single can

9 Preparation H 12 ct

10 Primatene tablet 24 ct

The entire list (PDF), courtesy of the Food Marketing Institute.