Some good ones from Waldo

Thanks, Waldo, for these good ones:

Heather sees a daytime talk show where they’re discussing remarriage after a spouse passes away. She asked Chris later that night in bed if she died would he remarried. Chris replies, “Well after a considerable period of grieving and maybe even therapy…we all need companionship. So I guess I would.”

Spurred on by Chris’s response, Heather then asks, “If I died and you’re married, would you let the women live in this house and sleep in our bed?” Chris says. “We’ve spent a lot of money getting this house just the way we want it. It seems like a waste to give it all up, so yes, I guess I would. Plus this bed is brand new. We just paid $2000 for it, you wouldn’t want me to just throw it away, would you?”

Looking noticeably flustered, Heather finally asks, would you let her use my golf clubs?” “Oh no – she’s left handed.”

That’s great.