My morning run

I took my first morning run in many, many months today before I started working. I decided to do my usual 3 miles which is from outside my front door to the Riverbends Park in Shelby Township, which is across Auburn Road from me. On my way BACK from the halfway point, I noticed a teal Grand Am backed into the dirt parking lot of the nearby Patriot Field, a soccer field at the park. The car flashed its lights at me and an older gentleman sitting in the driver’s seat put his left hand, with his fingerless leather glove, on the windshield and tapped it a few times.

My first reaction was that I wanted to run back to my halfway mark and sneak up behind the guy’s car and get his license plate so I could report him to the cops. My second reaction was just to keep walking, as I wasn’t in the mood to get into an altercation with a gay prostitute. When I got home, I called the cops and told them about the incident and described the car and the man. Prior to having Ben, I could care less, but now that Michelle may walk in that park with little Ben, I don’t want deviates lurking around there, gay or not. I offered my sting services to the Shelby Twp. Police, but they weren’t having it. They said the detectives have it covered. Oh well. The detective on the phone was pretty cool though, and said that if I could see this car again and could get the license plate, that would be helpful, but not to put myself in any danger. I told him I was a part-time ninja and wouldn’t put myself in danger.