Some funny stuff…

Okay, so the past 10 days have been quite a whirlwind for me. With the birth of my son, I’ve had some extra craziness flying through my head. Here are some of them:

1) In the hospital, right away, I pretty much thought Benjamin smelled like sausages the whole time we were there plus the first day we were home. I’m not sure if it was the ointment we used on his bum, or if it was just the smell of the hospital baby linens. I even convinced Michelle that he smelled like sausages! Our parents thought we were crazy!

2) All I wanted to do before we had Ben was get a new line trimmer. After talking with my brother, Dino, I really wanted to get a nicer one than the typical fare you would get at Sears or Home Depot, although, Home Depot sold a nice Echo trimmer, the SRM-210. Anyway, I bought the Stihl FS55. Nice trimmer. Lots of power. However, this thing leaked all over my garage and stunk up the joint. I took it back and they replaced one of the fuel lines. Well, after fixing it, it leaked again, but this time, not the entire gas tank, as we caught it in time. I was getting ready to take it back yesterday to either get another one or to get the Echo. Oh yeah, I bought the trimmer at Weingartz, in Utica. Okay, so, I am getting the trimmer ready to load up into the Tahoe (we replaced the Trailblazer with a Tahoe, and it’s $30 a month less!!!) and rememberd something in the house. After getting what I forgot in the house, I jumped into the Tahoe and backed up…right over the Stihl FS55 trimmer! DOH!!! I bent the shaft near the bottom and put some scrapes on the shield and the shaft, itself. Being the honest cat I am, I called up John at Weingartz ( and told him that I was bringing back the trimmer for another one or the Echo, BUT, I had some bad news. I told him how, in my flustered state of no sleep, and of just trying to get things in order at home, that I ran over the trimmer. He sounded nice, but sounded a bit apprehensive to promise me anything over the phone. Well, when I got there, he barely looked at the bent shaft and proceeded to do the return and sell me the Echo SRM-210. I haven’t used the new trimmer yet, but I’m sure it’ll be just as good as the Stihl. John at Weingartz has had Echo products for years and said they are solid products. Echo’s been the leader for many years and Stihl only just recently started making trimmers and home products.

Echo SRM-210

3) Stroller #3: We first got the Graco Quattro Tour LX for little Ben for our shower gift from Michelle’s parents. Well, after doing some research at Consumer Reports and playing with the Grace Metro Lite, we returned the Quattro Tour. The Metro Lite is 9 pounds lighter (19) than the Quattro (28), which was our main reason for making the exchange. Well anyway, after our first walk with little Ben yesterday, we decided we didn’t like the canopy on the Metro Lite and returned it so we could get the Quattro Tour LX again. The funny thing was that I was able to build the new stroller in about 5 minutes as I had already done it once before!!!

Graco Quattro Tour LX in Kenbrook

4) Changing diapers is funny sometimes. The other day, I was changing Ben’s poopy diapers only to have him shoot out some baby poop on the new diaper. Just as I was getting him cleaned up for another diaper, he pooped again. In the end, I had to use 3 new diapers for just one changing! Bless Ben’s heart!