What’s new? Well, we’re about 9 weeks out from the baby’s due date. We had our baby shower on Saturday, and it was a complete success! Thanks to everyone who came and bought the little baby gifts! The gifts are definitely going to come in handy as we make the transition from DINKs to parents!!!

School’s been kind of “eh” for me the last few weeks. My one class is kind of in a stall until we get back to meeting, weekly. We’re currently in our online discussion portion of the course, and my main responsibility was already done about 3 weeks ago. I have a few more weeks of coasting until we get back into the swing of things. I do have to put more time into the Investment Policy course as I got a B on the exam and want to try and finish the course with an A, to try and keep my GPA up. I’d be interested in further studies, and to do this, I’d like to have as high a GPA as possible.

We have this Saturday off from school, so we’re just going to keep nesting, getting the crib ready for the little person that’s coming our way! I can’t believe we’re going to get a roommate! I hope the roommate loves us both. I would hate to have a baby that didn’t like me (!!!!).

I can’t believe that Pepe and Sarah are having a baby in October!!! How exciting!!!