Adidas 1

$250 for a pair of shoes?????

Adidas puts computer on new footing
By Michael McCarthy, USA TODAY
NEW YORK ? Hoping the new Adidas 1 will be to the sneaker industry what Apple’s iPod has been to digital music, Adidas will put on sale March 18 what it bills as the world’s first computerized “smart shoe.”

The ‘Adidas 1’ uses a sensor,a microprocessor and amotorized cable system.

But consumers will decide whether the bionic running shoe’s $250 price tag ? four times the average shoe purchase at stores such as Foot Locker ? is a smart idea.

Adidas claims its new shoe, already profiled in Time and Popular Science, delivers on its promise to automatically and continually adjust itself to a runner’s size, pace, terrain and even fatigue level.

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