I almost forgot!!!

Today marks my dad’s 10 year anniversary of receiving his new heart! With what happened today in Greece (my uncle passing), I almost overlooked this feat of science, nature, and the heavens. I feel horrible for not congratulating my mom and dad for this remarkable accomplishment! My dad is 72 years old. He received a 25ish year old hear 10 years ago.

We were all much different 10 years ago. I was only halfway through school (Bachelor’s), went to California for Spring Break with my friend, Sean, regardless of my dad’s surgery. My parents told me I should go. I didn’t even think it was a big deal then. Looking back, I should have stayed home. We live and we learn. Now, I’m blessed to be here with my dad. Sharing in the joys of life, marriage, and soon, fatherhood. My dad will get to be a grandpa. He’s waited all these years. I can’t wait to give him that.

Please, friends, educate yourselves on organ and tissue donation.