Very busy weekend, but loads of fun!!!

Dinner Friday
What a nice weekend we had. Friday night, we had a nice dinner with my cousin, Ike, and his girlfriend, April. Michelle and I hadn’t oficially been there together since Ike bought his house half a year ago or so. Anyway, what a cute place. The place is gorgeous, and the food was even better! Thanks Ike and April!

Snowstorm and Saturday’s Class
Friday night, we had the beginning of a snowstorm that was supposed to only dump about 3-6 inches near us and maybe 7-10 inches south of Detroit. Well, we already had about 6 inches on the ground by Saturday morning. Michelle and I have a class about 40 minutes away, so we headed out a little early. We didn’t bother checking Wayne State’s site for school closings because we didn’t hear it announced on the radio. Anyway, we missed our exit ramp to get to school, so I proceeded to climb up the embankment, which was about 35 degrees or so, perpendicular to the ramp itself. Well, the TrailBlazer did just fine! Anyway, we got to school and found out our professor had called in. Should have called the extension center we go to so that we’d have known not to bother.

Birthday Party at Chubby’s
Saturday night was lots of fun. We met up at Chubby’s BBQ on M59, a new BBQ joint that used to be a pub called the 59th Street Pub. Anyway, I’m not a big ribs guy, but this place had some damn good ribs. The meat peeled right off the bone. I was able to use a knife and fork and get not a drop of food on my face!!! Perfect! I was so happy to see my family and friends show up and celebrate with me!

Guilt Free Gaming (GFG) and Baby shower registering
Yesterday, I got up at 730a so that I could play World of Warcraft for a few hours before we went up to Babies ‘R’ Us to meet up with Kim to register. Nuts to get up at 730a on a Sunday to play games? No way! We were supposed to do it on Saturday, but we canceled due to the storm. Anyway, the registering was an absolute BLAST! I thought it’d be boring, but it was all fun stuff we registered for. The most boring thing we registered for was probably burping cloths or something!

Dinner and Cake at Mom and Dad’s
We had a dual celebration on Sunday evening at my parents’ house for my birthday and my dad’s nameday, which was on January 18th. My mom made us a great dinner and Gina picked up some nice appetizers, including some sushi! Michelle brought an awesome chocolate cake, and we topped it off with some ice cream that Gina picked up. Kyle and I installed a digital thermostat for my parents’ house that I got for my Dad’s birthday, which was on January 6. They had the old, nasty analog thermostat and it was time to get them modernized in terms of their heating and cooling. I hope they enjoy it. It’s a touch screen model and it even comes with a cute littlle stylus. I hope they “get” it and learn to love it.

World of Warcraft is VERY ADDICTING!!!
So addicting, in fact, that someone even has created a guild that plays on the addictive qualities of World of Warcraft.

Now, this is HILARIOUS!!! Oh yeah, Blizzard is who makes the game!