XFX 6600GT AGP, dead in a week!

Nasty card. Nasty. New fan design, bah! Crap. Good thing Newegg.com is nice enough to RMA this for me. I’ve read too many stories about people being on their 2nd and 3rd 6600GTs. Why bother?

MSI is quiet, solid. I’ve heard no complaints from people who use their cards. I built a system for a friend of mine with an MSI 6600GT PCI-e, and his card is 4x quieter than my XFX 6600GT AGP was. Now, my card is quiet, it’s dead.

It started last night when I was playing World of Warcraft. I noticed the largests graphics tearing I’ve ever seen in my life and then I heard the sound start stuttering. I was able to alt-tab out and check the temps. Nothing exorbitant, something like 90C, which was normal for me on this abomination of a card.

I rebooted my machine 3-6 times and I couldn’t even get to the World of Warcraft login screen.

Anywho, the card is on its way to La Puente, CA, the town we’ve all grown to love.