Happy New Year and Pepe’s Wedding!!!

Michelle and I just got back from a trip to Green Bay to celebrate Pepe and Sarah’s Wedding! They got married on New Year’s Eve. Loads of fun. Good times, good times!!!

Photos of the weekend, including the days leading to the wedding and afterwards.

Michelle and I got a chance to meet so many nice people: family and friends of Pepe and Sarah. We also got a chance to see their house. Super tight. We loved it. We stayed there on Wednesday night, the day before the wedding festivities started (rehearsal dinner, picking up tuxedo, etc.). It was nice to get a chance to hang with Dave and Sarah prior to the madness of the weekend.

We were also able to spend a few with our friends from Detroit on Thursday night, after the rehearsal dinner. I also got to see the Kaspers!

Driving the Saab there was amazing. The weather was perfect. Neither of us had to stop to pee or get anything until just past Milwaukee. We made record time, I think. We had to stop for about an hour because we grabbed a late lunch and had to get a nail removed out of the driver’s front tire. NO WONDER the damn thing was losing air pressure and “pulling” to the left all the time. DOH!!!

Driving home kind of sucked. We were both kind of tired, but I was able to drive until we were about 3 hours from home. We stopped and ate at Big Boy, which sucked, not like the olden days, and then Michelle drove for about 2 hours, letting me catch some rare in-car shuteye. I drove the last 75 miles home or so. My wipers SUCKED. I swear, I just got them about 15,000 miles ago, tops, from Saab, for a pretty penny. The ones you but at auto parts stores don’t “work” right because they don’t have the Saab air deflector and the length is a tad off. They snap in and all, but they look kind of “janky” on the thing. Oh well, that’s what you get for buying a Saab. All in all, it drove awesome all weekend. I even learned I had too low of air pressure in the tires. I was about about 31 lbs. but the tires can take up to 51. I think the shop that pulled the nail put in about 45 lbs…. much nicer. A bit rougher, but it drives much better!