My Christmas Wish List

  1. ZBoard — it’s a keyboard that helps me play videogames more efficiently. Do you want to contribute to my videogame delinquency? That’s up to you. If you act before January 9th, you get a free World of Warcraft (my favorite game and obsession) keyset. This keyboard is interchangable with keysets for popular games, sold separately. According to the link, if you buy the keyboard at a retail store like EB Games, Best Buy, Micro Center, etc., you get the World of Warcraft keyset for free.

  1. gift certificates — my favorite merchant, bar none. This way, I can buy whatever I want for myself when I get around to incrementally upgrading my PC at home. This place sells all sorts of things I like to buy like processors, memory, video cards, hard drives, computer cases, etc.

  1. Clothes from Banana Republic or Polo — I wear 34 waist, 30 length pants. I wear large shirts. My wife has a good idea of what she may want to dress me in. 🙂.

  1. I’d love to have a sport coat. I’ve never owned one of these things. I wouldn’t even know what to wear it with, but I’d give it a shot.

  2. Robosapien from Sharper Image or A gift certificate at either of these merchants would work, too.

  3. RokuLabs HD1000, as mentioned in an earlier blog entry. This is the first High Definition capable media player. I’d be able to show off pictures that we keep stored on the computer in the living room. No more having to shuffle people into a small room to do such a thing, and the big screen TV that we’ll get one day will work BRILLIANTLY with this!!!

  1. Harmony Remote 688 — I could use an upgrade to the remote I have now. You could probably get this remote much cheaper at an online retailer.

  1. Gift certificates to any major merchant or restaurant — why burden yourself with buying me anything you aren’t sure about? Just get me a gift certificate instead. Also, with Michelle being pregnant (yippee!!!), we’ll probably be dining out more than normal, so some gift certificates to restaurants would be nice. We like Camp Ticonderoga on Rochester Road, as well as any other restaurant in our area!

This will be updated, and “bumped” every few days, to keep it fresh. 🙂

NOTE: My birthday is on January 23rd, so in case someone wanted to be real kind, they could keep this in mind. Also, if I got nothing but gift certificates, I’d be thrilled.