The Magic Bullet by Dave Kempisty

Have I recorded my adventure with regards to the Bullet? Its actually called the Magic Bullet. What a trip! I gain much more satisfaction out of the fact that the machine fails to perform as advertised as I do out of the fact that it produces a small portion of the things promised. You see the commercial again and again. It slices – It dices – It’s the Magic Bullet… it’s the ultimate party machine. I call the number to order such a contraption and find the 99 dollar price is actually 120 because of the shipping and handling. Ofcourse I think, The shipping and handling are of such a price that this superb, well-machined, piece of work will be a weighty piece of quality work. So, So bunk! The item can do almost nothing within the ten seconds that it claims to do EVERYTHING in. Coffee beans: 1 minute. Smoothies: 1min 20seconds – and the banana still survives! Cheese and jalapenos: 55 seconds. Wow. Nothing more than 10 seconds, huh. The second time I used the equipment, the bullet’s gasket came off and caused problems for me. It was wrapped about the blades. Note: the motor isn’t strong enough to cut thru the gasket!. The third time: leaking … out the side! And then the demo … With the great pleasure I was receiving from my purchase, I had to share the experience. Ahn was over for a study session and when the time was right, I brought up the Magic Bullet and its claimed capabilities: The little motor that could. Salsa was the objective. The Bullet went and went – its poor engine taxed – producing this plume of ozone in my kitchen. Onward I pulsed. Onward – one of the 6 criteria pollutants monitored by the EPA was being produced in my kitchen…. And onward the, apparently too large tomato, survived, unscathed by the Bullet blades. And then there’s clean-up. Can it get better? So you pop this cheese/jalapeno into the microwave – zap – and pour. Problem is; your melted cheese sorbs to the side of the plastic container. But the containers are certainly too narrow to get your hands into and clean out the melted whey product. In the end I had to resort to the ‘sponge / fork-extension’ methodology to remove said sorbed product. Awesome!