I don’t understand people!

Okay, so I hear people, some of which are my friends, saying shit like: “I’m moving to Canada now!” That’s ridiculous!!!

As if we’re living under a dictatorship, all of a sudden? They should have moved out of the U.S. the minute they disagreed with the President and his cabinet and the decisions our federal government made. I’m appalled when I hear 30 year old friends of mine making these heinous decrees. “I’m moving to Canada!” Get a fucking life. This pisses me off like no other. Support your fucking country or get the fuck out. Period.

So let’s get this straight. You cried and cried and wanted Kerry to win, hating Bush and hating that we’re in Iraq. You wanted lazy people to stay home, get checks, play videogames, and smoke dope. You wanted gays to get married and deflower the sanctity of marriage in this country. You wanted our government to buy people a ticket to laziness and apathy rather than buying cruise missiles (thanks Jon, for this one). Now, Kerry loses and you say, “I’m moving to Canada!” Baloney. You know what, they won’t take you. You’ll have to wait!!!

[Listening to: Into The Fire – DOKKEN – The Best Of Dokken (4:27)]