Leaving comments a problem for you? Read on…

Friends, it’s come to my attention, by more than 4 people, that it’s a pain in the ass to leave comments on my site. Well, first off, you sould be using Mozilla Firefox. Secondly, you can do as stated here:

The other issue again has to do with how cookies are handled. By default IE 6 blocks attempts to create cookies from a domain other than the one the browser is currently displaying and TypeKey gets around the earlier problem with cookies by creating them based on where you installed MT. Here at SEB that means the cookies are created by jenkinsonline.net (where I have MT installed) which is obviously different from stupidevilbastard.com and IE 6 don?t like that. If you have your blog setup on a different domain than where you installed MT and it?s set to only allow TypeKey authenticated comments then this means your blog will never recognize that someone has signed in if they?re using IE 6 and they won?t be able to comment. Here on SEB we?re set to allow both types of comments so things still work even with cookie blocking, but the sign in acts like it didn?t work and the wrong form displays. If you click on the little evil eye at the bottom of the browser and tell IE 6 to allow cookies from jenkinsonline.net then suddenly you?ll find the TypeKey login on our comments pages is working like it should and the proper form is displayed after login. If you use IE 6 here you can try this for yourself and see how it works. This is a problem that SA will likely work hard to resolve as it?ll be an endless source of headaches for them. Telling your visitors they have to change the configuration for blocking cookies isn?t going to go over well.

By comparison, using FireFox with the current solution is a dream come true. Not only does it not have a problem with the redirect to an insecure page or with cookies from a domain other than the one displayed, but when you get to the TypeKey login form it automatically puts in the user ID and password you last used on it allowing you to just hit enter and return to the comment form. Just one more reason to give up on IE in my mind.

As the Stupid Evil Bastard says, double click the little red eye in the bottom right of the Internet Explorer 6 window. Right click the blocked site (should be mine) and allow cookies for this site. Now, you’ll be able to log into TypeKey to leave comments. So, let’s thank the Stupid Evil Bastard, and Google, of course, for this wonderful information.