Brian’s Blog of my race tracking

This was an e-mail written by my friend, Brian. He ran the Detroit Free Press Marathon last week, but had to pull out at mile 15 due to a knee injury.

His blog:

Here is my tracking blog for your Marine Corps Marathon

8:39 Logged onto computer and got to the Marine Corps Marathon Website. Enter
Filias name and brings up the tracking page. This map is the coolest thing.
You are at 1.5 milea and around 11:27 time. Your flying, hopefully this is not
to fast a start. Have to start breadfast for the wife. Be back later.

9:00 3.9 miles and 31 minutes, I guess starting fast wasn’t a worry…WOW you go
bro, is the cemetary nice? Be back, need to check on the bacon and start the

9:11 5.35 miles 42:58, Your a cowboy…I think I’m not running the last 2 weeks
before a marathon and maybe I’ll have times like this. Bacon looks good.
Gretchen is here and thinks this is cool that you can follow you along the map.

9:40 Umm, they changed the format, I need a minute to see where you are at. Its
weird, it says Mile – 54.70 Time running -7.0-17:0 what the hell does that
mean? I lost your dot on the map also, I’m going to reload it. By the way,
Breadfast was good.

9:43 Ok, it just changed formats back, you are at mile 6:20 and 6:14:42…that
doesn’t make any sense, it does say that its waiting for split 1 time, which is
your 10k. Oh, your dots back also. I’ll let you know in a minute.

10:08 What’s going on, your dot is still in the same place as last time, it just
moved ok. Now its ready. Mile 10.45 and time 1:38.24, nice…your 10k split
was 58:37. You da man…I wonder if you’ve seen Michelle yet?

10:45 Mile 13.1 Time 2:14:54 I had to take a shower and get myself beautiful.
So, you have just left the Potamac river, I bet that was nice to see. Although
your probably not noticing it too much. This map is alittle small to look at.
I checked your pace you are at 9:34 pace and a 4:10 finish. Go Peter…

11:50 Sorry I was watching tv and lost track of time. It says your at 13.1
miles and 3:20, so I know that’s not right.

12:38 I was on the phone with my brother and Lynn, they are on the Autoban
coming back to Brussels from Germany, they are traveling about 120 mph. Nice…
Ok it says your at mile 22.75 and 4:08:30…It was out for the last half hour,
It had you at 13.1 for the longest time. Your splits are Half split:
2:12:22…nice and 30k split is 3:38.20. Go Peter Oh yeah, your pace is
10:55, must be those damn hills and predicted finish is 4:46:13, and they also
have a ETA 1:16 pm, I didn’t notice that before…

12:48 23.6 Mile 4:17:52 Come on Pete, only 3 miles to go…Audrey and I are
here to watch you finish…

12:52 24.0 miles 4:22:17..Nice..Audrey is not finding this as entertaining as I
am…and its hard to type with one hand

1:16 I had a bunch of blogs in here but I just lost them for some reason..sorry.

anyway I have been watching you finish…It says 26.2 and you where at 4:45, but
its waiting for finish time.

I noticed that when you started it was 61 and now its 76, that’s pretty warm…

Surprisingly, they were pretty accurate on your finishing time, they said ETA
1:16, and that’s when your finished. Congradulations, you did, that’s a hard
marathon I don’t think I’ll be attempting that one anytime soon.

Well, I’m going to send this onto you and I’ll check back later when its updated
you finish time.

Congradulations and enjoy the rest of your day…

Brian Sanzone

Here is an update from him:

Its about 1:45 and I just checked back to the website and it said finish time
was 5:09:34, that makes no sense, I watched you cross at 4:45, I’d dispute it.

I don’t think he realizes that the projection was that I crossed at 4:45, but I crossed at 5:08:43.