Interesting Automotive Service Situation

A few months ago, I brought our TrailBlazer into Les Stanford Chevrolet, in Dearborn, MI. There is a vibrating noise that occurs in the front end when you slowly accelerate in first and second gear. Anyway, they didn’t fix the problem, and I didn’t bother to call back Mike, the service writer. Anyway, what I DID do was send them a “0” on the survey that Chevrolet (or the dealership, I forgot) sent me.

Well, when I brought the TrailBlazer back in there at lunch, he was upset that I reported a “0” on the survey and that I should’ve called him before doing that, as it makes the dealership’s service department, and him, look bad. Well, I didn’t apologize, per se, and I even went as far as asking for a loaner, since I had to bring this back after the first attempt didn’t work. Well, this is when he mentioned the “0” on the survey. I asked him if that made the difference in the loaner, and he said that it was a Chevrolet policy he couldn’t break. You what? F him. I’m in convenience with this whole thing. So, they are going to take the truck in tomorrow morning, drive me to work with their shuttle, and then I’ll probably get screwed and they’ll call me at 5:59PM saying the vehicle is ready, since I kind of screwed them with the survey, right?