My brother’s Big Fat Geek Wedding!

My friend at work, Mike, made a funny. After I was telling him how cool the photographer’s technology, as well as the DJ’s technology was, he said, “Your brother had a Big Fat Geek Wedding.” He actually said, “My Geek Wedding”. I knew what he meant, even if he didn’t!

Anyway, Frank has a Nikon D100 Digital SLR camera. It takes 6.1MP pictures, has tons of space for batteries with the additional battery holder it had on the bottom, and, of course, it takes all the normal Nikon lenses. He was explaining to me that in the time it shoots out one flash, the camera can take 3-4 pictures! The newer camera, the D2X, he said, takes 6-8 photos, and is 12.4MP. Now THAT would require TONS of storage. Frank had a 1GB card he was using. Said it got about 280 shots, with the settings he was using. If he was using RAW or TIFF mode, he’d get 100 or less. Anyway, during the night, Frank would unload his photos onto his Mac Powerbook, correct the orientation of the photos (rotate if needed), and run his laptop with a slideshow of the evening’s photos. We did the same thing on my PC with my pictures + his pictures. It was great, having two 15″ LCD screens (on the laptops) running through the night’s festivities, in real time, practically! Talk about instant gratification!

Frank’s camera!

Frank’s Powerbook. Click to enlarge.

The DJ was another digital marvel. Instead of hauling around crates and crates of CDs, the DJ had his equipment: amps, mixing table, speakers, etc. However, the actual DJing part was accomplished with his Dell laptop, running PCDJ software. His music library, which was searchable, was held in an external hard drive.

PCDJ Red. Click to enlarge.

All in all, the wedding was awesome, the technology was awesome, and most importanly, Dino and Danielle are happy, and on their way to Hawaii!