My brother got married yesterday!!!

It’s official!!! Dino was married yesterday, to his beautiful bride, Danielle!

The day started off cold and rainy, but the clouds broke, the sun shined, and the weather was about as cooperative as it could be for an October evening!


We had a wonderful time, and Dino said it: “This is the happiest day of my life!

I know, this is shameless, but I think Michelle was absolutely BEAUTIFUL yesterday. Even MORE beautiful than she normally is!


Photo Album of the Wedding Day <– there are LOTS of photos. Of the 764 photos that I have, personally (mine and the photographer’s (PhotoFrank’s)), I only put up about 351 of them, which is LESS than half. I know, my brother and I have problems with this media stuff. But we have our OWN server. We pretty much have LIMITLESS space!!!