Dino’s party was fun.

We had a damn good time at Dino’s bachelor party. Ike and Demo did a number in getting the hall and just about everything else set up. Kudos to you guys, seriously! Mitch was the ring leader, and did an excellent job in making sure everything with w/o a hitch. We had a pretty good turnout, too. I don’t think anyone was upset with the turnout!

After the party, we went back to Dino’s and hung out, until about 6AM with Dino, Steve, and Dan. It’d been a while since we just hung out, BSing in the computer room, looking at games, websites, etc. Old times. Got home and screwed around on the computer and then went to bed at about 7AM. OUCH. Got up at noon.

Went over to Shield’s to clean up their office computer that had some instability problems. I hooked it up, cleaned it out, and re-installed their anti-virus software. It’s nice to be able to help friends out, and vice-versa. We’re having a small dinner there for Michelle’s birthday this week. It’s a nice place. I also bought them a domain name today, shieldsofwarren.com. Not sure they need a site, but they can at least have professional looking e-mail!