Belle Tire update

Okay, so I take the Saab back to Belle Tire yesterday to get my wheels back, once and for all… Guess what? They called me saying the wheels came back and they weren’t fully refinished. I had to go back there and get my car, with the nasty chrome Pulse wheels that wobble at high […]

I can’t believe this crazy marathon!

American wins silver, attacked runner gets bronze! I can’t believe this poor guy from Brazil. He was winning the race with 3 miles to go and he gets attacked by some former priest from Ireland. What a mishap. I feel bad for this guy. Although he received a special award from the IOC, it still […]

Belle Tire issue…

Okay, so they were kind enough to correct the problem they caused to my Saab wheels. I took my car there yesterday to get that process started. They told me it’d be about :45 to get the wheels swapped. WRONG! It took them about 2:15 to get the car back to me. I was pretty […]

Best Resignation Letter Ever!

My cousin, Demo, sent this one along: Best Resignation Letter Ever Written Following is a supposed letter of resignation from an employee at a computer company, to her boss, who apparently resigned very soon afterwards! It’s Funny, but a bit harsh Dear Mr. Smith, As a graduate of an institution of higher education, I have […]

Belle Tire… grief, but resolution!

I can’t believe this turn of events… for ONCE, something worked out in my favor in the consumer marketplace! A few weeks back, I had to get some new tires for the Saab. I decided to be cheap and get some Sumitomos instead of the OEM Pirelli P-Zero Rossos they put on at the factory. […]

Dino’s shower weekend

This weekend was pretty busy with Dino and Danielle’s wedding shower. Saturday, the girls made the centerpieces at my mom and dad’s house. We were there having a BBQ for their 38th anniversary, mainly. It was very nice. The girls put the final touches on Sunday’s shower. The shower was absolutely wonderful. It was at […]