Cool Car

I love sport sedans. I work in a cooler location at work these days. We just moved on Friday, actually. I now to get see all sorts of new cars. Just yesterday, a Hydrogen Fuel Cell car was behind me! Here’s the fun Aussie car:


Another semester is completed…in the rearview mirror. We have five more semesters to go with two 3-credit classes each time. Tick tick tick… time flies, I suppose, when you’re having fun.

Cubicle Life

As promised, I am posting pictures of my old cube and my new cube. WHAT A DIFFERENCE this makes in my daily “existence” at work. Old Cube New Cube I actually have storage now. I actually have a “nice” place so sit and put out my things, as needed.

Uncle in Greece

My uncle John, in Greece, my mom’s brother-in-law, had a heart attack recently. My aunt Koko was the star. She’s on oxygen full-time now, due to asthma. So, anyway, she took off her oxygen and gave it to John, while she diluted an aspirin for him during the attack. This pretty much saved him. He’s […]