Busy weekend!

Had ourselves quite a fun-filled weekend. Welcome to Spring, I suppose.

Friday night
We had a nice dinner and bonfire party over at Kim and Matt’s. Damn good time. Had some steaks, some drinks, some bonfire action. Great bonding time. Hope we do it again real soon.

Friday night led me to Saturday’s activity: building an 8′ x 25′ garden in the backyard. It’s along the back fence, in the center. Matt had just put up a garden at his house and offered to help me put mine up. Hell yeah. I’ll take the help. We also ran into Castellano, who was trying to find me. I had my phone on silent, so he ended up showing up at the house. Great timing. He found me 4 yards of screen top soil for $60 delivered. I would’ve been scammed by a landscaping place in Rochester that wanted to sell me 6 yards for $175. That would’ve sucked for two reasons: 1) Cost, and 2) 2 yards TOO much dirt! Anyway, the job took WAY longer than expected. I feel HORRIBLE about not going to JT$’s graduation party. Michelle and I had planned on this for over a month. By the time I was done, it was close to 8pm. Getting showered and ready would’ve taken us to 10pm. Sorry JT$!!! From the bottom of my heart.

Mother’s Day
We all, and I mean ALL, went to Fern Hill for a Mother’s Day Brunch. It was: Me, Michelle, my mom, my dad, my brother, his fiance, Danielle, my sister, Michelle’s mom, Michelle’s dad, Michelle’s sister, her husband, Matt, Michelle’s cousin, David, his wife, Christine (soon to be a mommy), Michelle’s aunt, Michelle’s uncle, Michelle’s cousin, Jill, and her boyfriend, Carlos. 17 of us! Crazy!!! We had a good time, taking up two tables. Lots to indulge in today. No diet today. No diet last night, as we ran up to Erma’s and got some parfaits. That’s okay, life is meant to be lived.

After the brunch, I took care of my lawn, while Michelle did some breakfast and lunch preparations for the week. We’re just laying low today, enjoying the nice weather and catching up on some “computer lifing“.

We were supposed to go mountain biking today, but we just had some stuff we wanted to tidy up around the house and all that jazz. 😀 All that jazz, tight!