First Red Hat 9 Blog Entry

Okay, so this is my first entry from my Red Hat 9 installation on my main desktop at home. Man, what a bitch it was to get this thing up and running due to my motherboard’s nVidia chipset. The problem was that I couldn’t get the network card to work. Thanks to Mike at, I followed his directions…a FEW times (my bad, my bad) and I FINALLY got this thing up and running. I NEEDED to get online with it so that I could get out to the “net” and get updates to various programs. Getting back into Windows, downloading files, and burning them to CD was getting real old.

I still have to get this Linux to be able to read my Windows (NTFS) drive. It can read the CD-ROM no problem. I just need it to get to my other files. It’ll make things a lot easier if I decide I want to play with Red Hat 9 for a while. I have no reason not too. MOST of my computer lifing at home deals with emailing and some website changes that can be done with any old text editor for the most part.

Certain other activities, like dealing with my digital camera, have to be used with Windows XP if I want to NOT pull teeth to try and get something like that going. I’m sure there’s a way to get my camera recognize on this thing. We’ll see…it depends on how much I want to play. 😀