HardOCP donation

HardOCP donates 35k to a sick woman

HardOCP, one of my favorite websites out there, has delivered what they promised to the Smith Family.

From HardOCP:

Brian Smith’s wife Heather, gave birth last month to their fourth healthy child. Shortly after, she suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. Three days later, she suffered another stroke and the doctors gave her a 50% chance to live, which she survived. Brian has been told to never expect Heather to be able to care for her children again, who counted on her as a full time Mom and home school teacher. Brian, a software engineer for Cascade Micro, has explained they have good hospital insurance. However, the insurance will not cover most of the out-patient therapies that Heather is going to need if she will ever again have a chance at living a somewhat normal life even close to what most of you reading this enjoy. We at HardOCP want to try our best to see that Heather and Brian get the help they are going to need.