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I had a heck of a weekend! It was chock full ‘o schoolwork, but also full of fun times with Michelle!

Friday Night
Michelle had a mystery dinner date planned for me. She had learned about the place from her mom’s friend at work. Well, on the way home, I thought it’d be a good idea to do something for HER that night… I picked up a bouquet of flowers, and boy, did she love them! I liked them, too. Anyway, at 8:00, we arrived at the Fondue Room in Downtown Mt. Clemens. What a cozy place! We had done fondue at home, a few years ago, but had never actually gone to a place that served fondue for dinner! We ordered ourselves some fruity martinis while we waited for our Fondue Room dinner for two. It included cheese fondue with bread, pretzels, and apples to dip in. We asked for swiss cheese, but they brought cheddar. Michelle was happy. The waitress cooked it up for us and we enjoyed our cheese fondue. After that, we had some nice salads and a 2nd martini. After the salad, we had our sirloin and chicken, and vegetables delivered to use for our main course. What an exciting dinner party. Cooking the fondue was so much fun. They gave us an assortment of dipping sauces to use for our cooked meat. Oh yeah, we also had some stuffed pasta to cook up in the fondue juice (chicken broth). What a blast!

I had some computer moonlighting work to do on Saturday. Worked without a hitch! Got my client set up with DSL, locking down their server so that only terminal services punches through the firewall. Good stuff. Saturday was spent doing our take-home midterm online. The professor didn’t explain to us how the fill in the blanks portion of the test was going to work with the online quiz/exam system that Wayne uses. I don’t think he had it set up properly, as it marked most of our fill in the blanks questions wrong, when, indeed, they were correct! Much of the afternoon was spent reading to prepare for the first of two essays, the 2 pager. We read what we needed and then decided we’d had enough and went out, playing, what we do best. We ran around town, going here and going there. Then we went to BW3, near our house and had some dinner and drinks. We went home and watched Matchstick Men, with Nicholas Cage and Sam Rockwell. The movie is about a con-man, Nicholas Cage, who finds out that he has a daughter. He forms a relationship with her, but he unexpectedly finds that she’s in the way of his work and he has to “use” her in one of his scams. The movie was even better than I had thought.

Spent the morning doing the first of two essays and just enjoying a restful day. We spent part of the day furniture shopping and meandering around various stores, like Circuit City, always fun. We went up to Panera Bread, where I finished my short essay and Michelle read for her next part of the essay. I had my laptop, which I love bringing to Panera Bread, because of their free WiFi access. I bs’d online while there, too. Always fun. Sunday night, we had a Sopranos party at Chris and Bahia. Dino and Danielle came over prior to this, where we visited and talked about their Oct. 2 wedding for while, before we walked over the the Rouvalis house. We ordered chinese food from Wing Lung…good stuff. Dan and April where there by the time we got back from picking up our dinner. We had a damn good time, visiting and catching up. I have to admit, I didn’t watch a whole lot of the Sopranos episode, so I’ll have to make sure I catch it tonight or tomorrow, before I head to Denver with my buddies!!!! Yahhhooooooo!

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I’m curious to see how good Deadwood is going to be. It’s a new HBO show that starts on March 21, at 10:00pm. I thought Carnivale sucked. It was too dark and too slow for me. I thought more supernatural stuff would happen, more often. It never really did.