Morning commute in NYC

So, today was my first attempt at getting from Lower Manhattan to West Orange, NJ, where my Microsoft ASP training class is being taught. Here’s how it went down:

I woked up at about 5:30, with no help from an alarm clock for some crazy reason. I actually got out the door at about 6:00, a bit earlier than I had planned (6:30). I walked out the door and turned left, like practiced yesterday. At St. Mark, I turned left and walked one block and then turned right. OOPS. I was supposed to go two blocks, which I found out after walking an extra FIVE blocks too far. No worries. I had plenty of time. Made it to Starbucks where I grabbed a coffee but forgot to use my corporate credit card OR get a receipt. Oh well. I had a protein bar for breakfast. Tasty stuff.

Anyway, after the coffee, I get out of Starbucks and turn left at the end of the street, as practiced. I got into the station and took the train to the Times Square exit. I could have actually gone one or two farther that would have prevented me having to WALK that extra two blocks, but the exercise was good. So, I ask a guy emptying the garbage where the PABT (Port Authority Bus Terminal) is, and he says: “You’re in it!”. I turn around, and lo and behold, I was right in front of it. I quickly figured out which ticket counter to get my tickets for the 66/66R bus trip to and fro West Orange, NJ. $51.50 for 10 tickets. Purchased with corporate credit card. Nice and easy. And that’s that. I was about :45 early for the bus trip, so I read the Daily News while I waited. The bus ride was nice and fast. It left at 7:30 and dropped me off at the stop at 8:10. Nice and fast. What sucked was that I had to walk about one mile (~10 mins.) to get to the Residence Inn. And here I am, on my lunch break with no means to get lunch. There’s no restaurant in the hotel and none within walking distance. Oh well. I’ll plan ahead for tomorrow.