I’m Impressed With THIS!

Get this. I’m at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) and I’m about to head to NYC for some Microsoft ASP training in NJ. I’m staying with John in Manhattan, and will be taking mass transit to my hotel/class in NJ. I’ll take a combination of the subway and Decamp Bus Lines route 66/66R to West Orange, NJ and back! Quite interested to see how this all works.

Oh, back to the point. I’m sitting at the bar right now, with my laptop connected to my cell phone which is providing my internet connection (115.2Kbps) through SprintPCS. I’m very impressed with the performance. This is the first time I’ve ever REALLY used this service. Again, my jaw is dropping. Heck, I can enter in this blog…as the Jack and Diet Coke enteres my bloodstream!