Start of week two of the BTP!

Week two starts today. Ran for 30 minutes and did shoulders, which is the body part I missed last week. I have to get a bit more disciplined with my weekend diet habits. I typically do very well all week, while working out every day, but when the weekend hits, I am a bit lazier and more “loose” with my eating habits. I had a HUGE Valentine’s Day dinner at The Palm on Friday, had a bunch of junky finger food (including 3 pieces of Pizza) at a Euchre party on Saturday night, and then had some really thick pizza last night at Pizzeria Uno. Not exactly the type of food I should be indulging in while trying to start the Beefcake Transformation Process earlier than I did last year. I was afraid to weigh myself this morning because of all that. I’ll wait and see what I weight tomorrow.