Snowboarding in Colorado!

What a f*ckin’ awesome weekend we just had in Colorado! We just had the 3 best days of snowboarding we’ve ever had!!!

Sean took us to Loveland, which is, by far, the best place we’ve ever had the chance to ride so far in our 4 year snowboarding career! We’ve been to other places, like Steamboat (our first destination out West), Breckenridge, and Copper (went this year and 2 years ago)…nothing compared to how “quiet” Loveland was. The entire top of the place was fresh powder. Every time we went up top, it was a brand new experience. No ice… a few rocks and trees (which made it fun…made it “real”).

Awesome. Simply. AMAZING!

Thanks, Sean, for setting this all up!

3snowboarders (Custom).jpg

We also had some good QT with Mike and Amy, who we barely see. It seems like we see them as much out west as we do while they’re living here… hmmmmmmm…..

Also got to hang out with Carlo, Jason, Sean, and Chad. We had a frickin’ RIOT in that condo, and out on the town (Breckenridge, mainly)! Thanks to all y’all for the great weekend! I gotta hit the slopes again, soon! None of this Pine Knob and other garbage that’s around here, either!

Oh yeah… here are some photos of our weekend! You’ll find some video clips in there, too!