Fantastic Family Weekend!!

What a nice weekend. I spent Friday night and the good part of the “day” Saturday doing some computer consulting work…which is a good thing. Now I can buy an iPod. đŸ˜€ But the rest of the weekend was reserved for good, quality family time!

Saturday night was my cousin, Lilly’s, 40th surprise birthday party at my cousin, Ike’s house. It was awesome! Lilly thought it was going to be a family dinner that we’ve been trying to have every month or so (only had about 4 or 5) since her mom (my aunt) died last January 22. I almost gave it away early last week when I told her I’d see her on Saturday, and she said: Yeah, at Ike’s. And I said: How did you know about that? (A major giveaway). She didn’t fully put it together, and I played along with her answer: Yeah, for the family dinner. I sounded dumb for not knowing, but she probably thought I just forgot, since my memory sucks. So that was Saturday night. We watched a lot of football upstairs (those who cared) while the party went on downstairs. She was really surprised, by the way, when she saw all her childhood friends there… brought tears to her eyes, and the eyes of many onlookers.

Sunday was the 1 year memorial service for my aunt Sophia at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. It was kind of funny to get the normal barrage of questions about babies from the Greek ladies. It’s cute. I like it. It was also funny to see the Greek ladies asking Dino about his wedding and prying about what church he’d get married in. He told them he’s not religious… it was fun.

The rest of Sunday was spent watching two playoff games. Indy vs. Kansas City and Green Bay vs. Philly. The Indy game was kind of boring, actually… since it was pretty much back and forth… I LOVE Priest Holmes. I wish they won, for his sake, but I’m glad Peyton Manning won…he’s a QB STUD!!! But…he’s not the STUD McNabb is. Man, that dude had 102 yards running, a modern day QB rushing record…. and Brett Favre…what a mistake to throw that OT interception… had it not been for that, or for a few other things, then it’d be GB vs. CAR next Sunday night. Oh well… Philly should beat Carolina, and New England should beat Indy. We’ll see.