Added a bunch of pictures.

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Visiting Alex and Rae
Michelle and I had a WONDERFUL time visiting Alex and Rae this fine, CRISP and cold December night. Alex lives in Commerce Township…not too far, West of and South of Pontiac and Waterford. Nice, very “lakey” around those parts, those “West Side” parts. 😀 I made sure to take some pictures that are included in tonight’s photo posting pouring!

IMG_3740 (Medium) (WinCE).JPG

Final Exam is Tuesday
So, this class that seems like it’s drawing out forever is almost over. We have to watch 2 more hours of lecture and crank out some homework problems so we’ll be prepared for the exam’s math-type problems… besides that, have to crank out some articles. Dr. Verma tends to ask a lot of questions from the articles he wants us to read. Not a big deal. Much cooler than the textboox, that’s for sure. If I recall correctly, I don’t remember reading much of the textbook for the midterm. Oh well. I got a B!

Besides doing some schoolwork, I am going to Matt’s private (sort of) Holiday Party tomorrow afternoon with Taco Tommy at around 2pm or so. Should be a nice break from doing my schoolwork earlier in the day. I also need to do some stuff around the house like tidy up the big tree’s lights, get the power cord cleaned up a bit that is coming out of the coach light, and wash the Saab. It’s damn filthy! I also need to adjust the one cabinet door in the newly rehabbed laundry room!

Football season is coming to an end
This Sunday is going to be a big “Football Day” for me. I have 3 teams in the playoffs, and one of them has already advanced to round 2. It’s getting real exciting now. I am also in the top 3 in both of my pick’em games that I’m in… I COULD win a few bucks this football season with fantasy and pick’em games… we shall see.

The Big Game
So, the jackpot is up to about 61 Million USD. Michelle and I decided to play tonight, with $5. We’ll wait until tomorrow morning and actually look the numbers up in the paper or on the laptop… I LOVE using the laptop at the kitchen table for some reason…I don’t know why.