Did ya hear about da turdy pointer?

“Did ya hear about da turty pointer?” What a frickin’ H00T!!! Pepe just called me, I’m smilin’ from ear to ear. That kid makes me laugh. It’s a balmy 15 degrees on his way in to work. He’s enjoying being a homeowner these days…Sarah, like most ladies, is expecting Dave to be Bob Villa or the dude on the New Yankee Workshop. Wouldn’t that be fun? BEH! consider myself more like Leo Laporte, or one of those other dweebs on The Screen Savers. Actually, I could have that job.

Laundry Room
Still not done. Hung the two cabinets last night. Hooked up the washer and the dryer. With the new dryer elbow, the dryer gets a lot closer to wall. Now the room looks “normal”. Only thing left to do is put the cabinet shelves in and the doors on, and finish connecting the washtub up. I broke the plastic drain pipe last night while trying to saw about 1/2″ off with a Milwauke Sawzall. So… hopefully, tonight, the laundry room will be done. I’ll be sure to take pictures of the finished project!

Back to school this week
We have to watch our 2nd from last lecture starting tonight. The good thing about going to school online for this class is that with our “busy” schedules, we can watch the lectures as we deem necessary!