Excited for the Thanksgiving Weekend!

What can be more exciting that spending time with your moms, dads, brothers, and sisters? NOT HAVING TO GO TO WORK FOR TWO DAYS!!! That’s about how I can sum it up. The older I get, the more I would like to just stay home and rest, and do my own thing, galavanting around town, having a dandy old time. Possible? Sure. Probable? Not really. Gotta work for the man. It’s okay though, builds character! Yeah, right!

Duck Computer
So, tomorrow, Michelle and I are going to go over to the Duck house for Thanksgiving Dinner. Michelle is going to learn how to prepare the “traditional” meal, while I’m going to rehab their family computer, which is actually the SAME computer I built Michelle for Christmas about 4 years ago! Can you believe it? Those people are so low-usage on their computer that it’s never broken down, or anything. All I’ve done is upgraded the processor from a Celeron 400 to a Pentium III 450 (I think). I’ve run virus scans and spyware checkers, but besides that, it’s been churning away with Windows 98 (in due need of XP) for all these years. Heck, I even threw a DVD drive in it that I had laying around, hoping they’d watch a movie on their PC, since they don’t have a DVD player for their family room (at least not hooked up). They never did. Who actually watches DVDs on their desktop computers? Nobody I know. I think, sometimes, people watch DVDs on laptops, mainly for the sheer portability factor, but that’s about it.

Computer Lifing
I’ve been computer lifing the past few nights until about 1 am. Although I pay for it the next day, and night, it has been quite fun. I MISS my computer. I’ve been using the laptop during the evening hours if I’ve got some things to do, but I haven’t actually used my Shuttle this much in a very long time, not since we moved to the house at the end of May, at least. I’m looking forward to having a good Winter with the Shuttle. It’s got a new (now external) DVD Burner, and it’s ready to rock and roll!

Stony Creek
Did I mention that Michelle and I ran six miles this weekend at Stony Creek? It’s been quite some time since we ran outdoors, since Oct. 5. It felt great, too. I was a LITTLE out of shape, but not so much. I almost wish I lived close enough to Stony so that I could just jog in, do 3-6 miles, and jog back home. Maybe one day!