Monday Night Football

David Duck came by last night to visit and watch Monday Night Football. It was the 49ers vs. the Steelers. I wanted him to experience what watching football in high definition (HD) was like. I knew he’d fall in love with it. I don’t know why I’m an evangelist about HD. I think it’s because I really want people to see TV this way. It’s just WAY better. Why would you NOT want to watch something that is so damn crisp and clean?

Kapla’s Krusade
Justin and Nicole are writing so much in their blog that it’s making me writing more in mine. I have been a bit laxed lately.

I spent the weekend cleaning up our yard and getting the house more winterized. I removed the nasty bushes that were in the corners of the backyard in preparation for doing our own backyard planning next year. I also swapped out the screen doors with glass doors, turned off most of the water lines that go to the outside of the house, and started to clean up the garage to get it ready to be able to part BOTH vehicles inside.

Dismal Drive In Today
Another one of those rainy, sometimes hard, mornings. Made my commute about 1:15 instead of 45. It didn’t help that I was computer lifing for about 45 minutes before I actually left for work. Oh well, can’t win ’em all!