Had fun with my brother last night!

Dino came over last night so we could work on some websites and our webserver. We’re on a mission to consolidate as many domains onto the same IP address as possible. We’ve been under the impression that we need separate IP addresses for each domain that requires e-mail and some other services. We were wrong, well, we were mislead at the time by our host, CI Host. They’ve done us no wrong, just some misinformation by some techs back in the day. We’ve been with them for over 2 years and things couldn’t be better!

We didn’t get to the website work much more than planning what we’re going to do. We did, however, do what we do best, computer life in each other’s company, drank a few brewskies, and played a few games on the Gamecube. Dino always beats me in Madden this year, whether on the PC or on the Cube. I need my revenge!

All in all, it was a great night, and like usual, he stayed until some time past 4 A.M.!!!