Got the Saab back…again!

Okay, so I got the Saab back after they bent my wheel. I’m kind of glad that they actually documented it in the tech paperwork. This way, if I ever have grief with alignments, etc., I can always refer to the blunder the tech made, and admitted! I am still not 100% sure that the car is 10)% stable anymore. On the way into work this morning, at about 80MPH, it felt like there was a tiny rumble. It’s going to be hard to NOT feel little things like this, as I am always going to be looking to feel if one of the other 3 wheels didn’t get bent when he ran over a rock. I think they should have thoroughly tested and changed BOTH wheels on the side of the bent wheel. I have a feeling I’ll be taking it back in to get this corrected in the future. They did, however, do some Tech II menu customizing for me. They enabled the auto-lock on drive (I think 5MPH), auto-unlock on key-out, and the best part, the one press unlock from in the car and from the FOB. Makes for unlocking the OTHER doors easier. Don’t have to press it twice anymore!

Born shoes
I bought my first pair of Born shoes the other day. They look great, and they feel great, sort of. My left shoe is 105% perfect! The right show, however, seems a bit weird. It seems that my heel doesn’t sit in the heel cup just right. It kind of sits UP on the vertical part of the heel, causing some discomfort. I’m going to have to take them back and see if I can try another pair of 10 1/2s on to see if maybe the ones I got have some strange quality issue.