Trying tabbed browsers for IE

I keep looking for an alternative to Mozilla and Firebird, as those seem to have slight problems with SOME websites, still. Mainly, my bank. They seem to have problems with submitting certain forms. I can’t log into my bank, I can’t “Show me more like this” when I search for FedEx locations, and the list […]

Fun weekend!

Michelle and I had such a fun weekend! We had fun every single day! Saturday The best day had to be Saturday. We started the day by doing homework and watching a lecture for our Operations Management class, but then we went to our planned date. We went and saw Forbidden Christmas at the Century […]

Torn on which laptop!

I don’t think I’m buying a laptop any time soon, but you never know. I was himmin’ and hawin’ between a Mac or a PC laptop. I’ve recently decided that it would make most sense to get a laptop that runs Windows… but… last night, after work, I stopped by JT$’s place and got to […]