Saab has more grief!

The other day, I took my 2003 93 Vector Manual to get a few “quirks” fixed.

  1. Moonroof would open halfway through closing.
  2. Passenger seatbelt sensor needs to get moved.
  3. Front end pulls to the left for no reason, only 6300 miles.
  4. Stereo is “crappy” as I told them, and that’s how they wrote it up.

  5. They said they reprogrammed the moonroof and greased up the wind deflector.

  6. They said they moved the sensor per a service bulletin.
  7. They said it has “sport tuned suspension” and that the car is very sensitive to the crown in the road. B.S. – I don’t buy this.
  8. They did an update for EHU from: 12801089 to: 12802514. I can’t tell if this fixed anything yet.

They also updated my ICM from: 12804286 to: 12804672.

I noticed when I’m playing CDs, it added numbers 123456 to show that CDs are loaded up in the SID. Kind of cool.

I noticed this morning that it’s time for service, and I have 6300 miles.

I noticed this morning that after these updates, my climate control is out of whack. I normally have the car set to 70F in the morning. Outside temp was about 45. The air coming through the vents was cool until I turned it up to 80F. This can’t be right.