Fighting w/ the webserver

So… the past week or so has been KILLING our webserver/mailserver/database server. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s time we upgrade our RAM.

That is pretty crazy. The problem with these thieves is they not only charge you a setup fee for the ram, but they also charge you a monthly fee, which is totally stupd, and thievery. I emailed one of the techs asking if I could just mail him the ram on my own. He said that he’s never heard of that happening. I emailed him asking him if I could be the first.

Not much new. Just finished the Contemporary Management class. We had our final on Monday night. Wasn’t too bad. Hopefully I’ll get a B or better on it and get an A in the course. Our Production class starts this week. We may be able to watch our lecture by tonight, but we’ve got plans for the rest of the week, so we’ll have to watch the lecture on Saturday, it seems.

Chris Rock
We’re going to see Chris Rock tonight at the Fox Theater. Michelle and I are going there with Jon and Dawn. It should be AWESOME! I’ve never seen a real stand-up comic before! I cant’ wait!

Took the car into the dealer yesterday morning to get the flaky moonroof fixed (it sometimes opens halfway through closing it), the “crappy” stereo fixed (for having 13 speakers and 300 watts, I think it sucks)…it also goes back to preset number 1 if you’ve been listening for a while and hit NXT on the steering wheel. You’d think it would go to the next preset. This happens not only when you’re NOT on a preset, but also when you’re on a preset. Also getting the passenger seatbelt alarm fixed. It is on no matter if someone is sitting in the seat or not, at least 51% of the time. You can often times press down on the seat surface to make it go away, but why should I have to correct this bug on my own? Exactly, I shouldn’t.